Kerry's 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe Restoration (1765GT)

I had been looking for another Ferrari project car since my 330 GT was almost done.  I was going to look at a 195 Inter (SN 0101S), but it got sold the week before I was to see it.  I did look at another PF coupe (SN 1643), but couldn't come to an agreement on price given the number of parts that couldn't be located.

I had been talking to Tom Shaughnessy about some tools and he mentioned that he was getting a couple of project cars, one of which was a late (series II) model PF coupe.  The late models have the 128F engine (outside plug), disk brakes and a 4 speed with overdrive transmission.  He sent some pictures and after discussing it with him at length, I flew to LA the next day to look at it.

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1960 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe Serial Number 1765GT (~1992)

That picture was before the previous owner had started to restore it.  As you can see by the following picture, it is a project car.

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