Kerry's 330 GT Restoration

Window Switches

When the console was re-installed, the electric windows weren't working properly.  I determined that the switches were flaky. 

WindowSwitch2.jpg (121002 bytes)      WindowSwitch.jpg (131648 bytes)

Who would believe that there were so many parts in a 'simple' switch.  However, after cleaning the contacts and reassembling them, the electric windows would go up (with help) and down.  It turns out that they work fine when the engine is running and providing higher voltage.  Of course, half of the spring clips on the sides that hold the switches to the console were gone, so more things to make.  It took several tries before I figured out the maximum bend one could make in the spring steel before it would snap.

A fellow 330 GT owner came up with a better idea for the spring clips.  Instead of trying to make them from spring stock, he started with some clip on nuts and modified them to fit.  These have the advantage of being made from spring stock and already have a 180 bend in them.  Originals are on the right.

Some 330 GTs came equipped with MicroTecnica switches (or the originals were replaced).  Anyway, a fellow 330 GT owner cleaned his and did a nice write-up.  Click here to download it (PDF).

Since the window switches are such a pain to take out and clean, I decided to add some relays to carry the current and stop the switches from arcing.  The plan was pretty simple, just add the relays near the switches, keeping the existing terminals.  That way the relays could be removed and the wires connected back up if someone wanted it back to original.

So each switch drives a pair of relays that in turn switch the current to the up and down windings on the motor.  I just wish I had done this schematic before I started wiring up the relays.  I had to redo some terminal ends as I didn't have the idea straight in my mind before starting.  As you can see, the wiring does get messy in the console with the radio, antenna and cigarette lighter wiring.