Kerry's 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe Restoration (1643GT)

Giving Up

I've had this car for 15 years now.  Since my wife died five years ago, I no longer have her pushing me to work on the car.

So I decided that I had three choices:

  1. Get my butt in gear and get the car done.

  2. Sell it as is.

  3. Send it to a restorer and have the work done.

Well, number 1 hasn't happened in 5 years, so there no reason that it will happen anytime soon.

Number 2 would be OK, but a pain with a lot of low ball offers and I don't need the money.

That left me with number 3.  One good thing about living in the Seattle area is that there is a first class Ferrari restorer not too far away.  Dennison International is less than an hours drive.  They have restored a number of Ferraris (as well as other cars) for Jon Shirley, one of which won Best of Show at Pebble Beach in 2014, along with several Best of Class awards over the years.  They also restored the 2009 PB Best of Show for Jon.  This won't be a cheap restoration, but I don't have a lot of money in the car given I bought it 15 years ago, so there is only an upside with little or no downside.

I put a date of June 2020 to have the car done, so they have 20 months.  This will get it back to me in time for the Forest Grove Concours that year and the FCA International Concours in Portland in 2021,