Stalk Switches

In the process of working on the headlights, I realized that I didn't know which wire (red or yellow) was for the high beam and which for the low beam.  So that lead to the wiring diagram and both come from the Deviolux relay box.  This is switched by the left stalk being pushed to the front of the car or pulled back towards the rear where the lead gets grounded in one direction.  But I didn't know which way was low and which was high.  The 250 inside plug owner's book doesn't address this at all. The GT/E book says low beam is towards the rear and high when the lever is forward.

I pulled out the left stalk switch to try and determine how it should be wired.  In looking at it, I realized that the contact for the high/low section was missing a piece.  You can see that the copper strip on the left side doesn't continue down into the cavity like it should.

Due to how the switch goes together, one can't just use the other strip.  I ended up taking some thin copper sheet and making a strip that fit under the old one on the outside and continued down as needed.  Then I soldered the old and new strips together.  Here you can see the repair.

Before I got to this point, I had taken the whole switch apart to understand how it worked.  What a mess of parts, but at least one can disassemble it, clean everything and put it back together.  When our Chrysler van electric window switch failed, I had no choice but to buy a whole new part for $125.

The other thing I realized is that I must be missing some parts.  The ends of both stalks (the other is the O/D switch) are hollow, probably to accept a spring.  Then there needs to be a pin or something to extend the stalk to actually actuate the switch.  As it is, the stalk doesn't quite touch the actual switch part.

Once I know what I'm looking for, I might find them in some of the loose parts.  I posted an inquiry on TomY's message board and this picture was posted.

Once I knew what I was looking for, it didn't take long to find a baggie with the correct parts in it.

I assembled the turn signal/headlight stalk and figured out the orientation on the steering wheel.  I had found out that the headlight switch works just like the GT/E, so pushing the lever to the front selects low beam which grounds the wire from the Deviolux.  That let me determine that the red is the high beam side and yellow is the low.

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