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Ferrari Parts

 Kilimanjaro Designs - Part of Motion Products Inc (formerly Parker Hall).  Various reproduction tools, stickers, washer bottles, etc.

* Tom Vail (formerly Dennis McCann) - Online parts search by name or part number.

* Ted Rutlands - Wide range of parts for all model, - online parts search by name or part number.

* PartSource - Geoffrey Ohland had all gaskets and fuel lines for carburetor overhaul.

* Italian Car Parts  - Has some parts, but also has reproductions of various stickers, etc. for all models of Ferraris.

* Algar Ferrari - Ferrari dealer in PA. Not much stuff for older cars, but did have the front shocks.

  KitCarAccessories - Ferrari emblems.

* Black Barts - Ferrari badges and emblems.

  Restoration Specialties & Supply - Weather stripping, interior fabric, etc.

  World Upholstery & Trim - Carpet, headliner, etc.

  G.A.H.H. - Carpet, interior fabric, etc.

* Italparts - Various parts, in the Netherlands.

 * Ferrari Parts Exchange - Good exploded drawing of rubber parts by model.  Also free online listing service for buying or selling Ferrari parts.

* Re-Originals - Various reproduction, some hard parts, lenses, carpet, headliner, etc.  Order catalog online.

* Tom Shaughnessy's Vintage Ferrari Parts - Large variety of used parts for all models.  Original and reproduction tools.  Large supply of wheels.

* Verell Boaen's Unobtainium Supply - Various plastic parts including re-molding headlight and turn signal stalk ends.

Roelof Parts - Reproduction castings for various V-12 engines.

* Ricambi America - Various parts for Italian cars, including Ferraris.

  Restoration Battery - Reproduction tar-top batteries.

Cicognani S.r.L. - Rubber parts from the original molds.

* Pierce Manifolds - Weber parts and carburetor rebuilding.

* Peter Gluck Woodworks - Steering wheel and dash refinishing.

H.V.L. - Leather finished to original Connolly colors and patterns.  Many other soft materials including hood pads, carpet, headliner, etc.

  Newco Products - Various parts for Italian cars, including Ferraris.

* Autosport Seattle - Machine shop specializing in Ferrari engines.

* Ferrari Starters - modern gear reduction replacement starters.

 GTO Engineering - Various parts and reproduction plates, stickers, etc.

 VHR Silversmiths- Vintage lights and restoration.

 Timevalve - Stainless steel exhaust.

* Classiche Exhaust - ANSA OEM exhaust systems.

 Ashley Hinton - Smith's heater blower assemblies

* Mr Fiat - Parts for various Italian cars, including Ferraris.

* Maranello Classic Parts - UK Ferrari distributor, mome NOS parts.

* LicensePlates.TV - Reproduction Italian registration plates.

* Cowboy Motor Cars - 308 replacement fuse panel and cover.

General Parts or Supplies

* Caswell Plating - Plating and polishing supplies.

* Eastwood - General restoration supplies, paint, etc.

  Coker Tire - Period tires.

* Koni North America -  Rebuilds Koni shocks.

* Small Parts - Sorry, but out of business now.

* - Seat belts, shoulder harnesses, etc.

Ssnake-Oyl - Seat belt restoration.

* Griots Garage - Car care products.

* Metro Moulded Parts - Various rubber seals, plugs, etc.

* White Post Restorations - Rebuilds brakes, brake and clutch cylinders by re-sleeving in brass.

* McMaster-Carr - General supplier for nuts, bolts, O-rings and lots of other items.

* SoffSeal - Various rubber seals, plugs, etc.

* Snap-On Tools - Specialized tools.

Mac Tools - Specialized tools.

Metric and Multistandard Components - Wide selection of metric nuts and bolts, square metric nuts.

* Penrite Oil - 140 wt and 250 wt oil for the steering box, transmission and differential.

* Karp's Power Brakes - Rebuilds brakes, brake and clutch cylinders by re-sleeving in stainless steel.  Also rebuilds brake boosters.

Ferrari Literature

* Classic Auto Spares

* Books4cars 

* Ferrari  - Online list, but no prices.

  Maranello Literature  - Online list w/prices, but most items are marked sold.

* Paulo Tron's website  - . He auctions a lot of original Ferrari literature on eBay.

* - Current books and reprinted older ones.

* AutoLit

  Schiff European Automotive Literature

* Foreign Cars Italia - Ferrari dealer with online catalog for current literature.

* Ferrari Books - Current factory manuals, brochures and Marparts reprints.

  Spyder Enterprises - Ferrari memorabilia from A. E. Singer.  Manuals, brochures, posters, models, etc.  Also offers a complete 330 GT reproduction tool kit.

  Ferrari Stuff - Ferrari literature, year books, etc.

Ferrari Magazines

Sports Car Market Magazine - Coverage of auctions and current market prices.

Cavallino Magazine - Dedicated to the Ferrari marque.

Ferrari Market Letter - The best place to look for Ferraris for sale.

Other Ferrari Sites

Ferrari Factory site.

Ferrari Owner's Site.

Ferrari Club of America.

FCA NW Region.

FCA Western Canada Region.

Tom Yang's 330 America Restoration site and forum.

Chris Kantarjiev's story of his 330 GT purchase.

Jonathon Brent's 4HL 330 GT Restoration site.

Ferrari Forum site.

Ferrari Chat site.

Restoration Sites

* Moslander's Rod and Custom.

* Dennison International

* - Places that I've done business with.