Kerry's 330 GT Restoration

The Push

The next step was to finish the wet sanding and polish the paint.

FrontAfterWash.jpg (195888 bytes)

The wheels are bagged because I had borrowed a set of Borrani's that were in immaculate condition and I didn't want to polish off water spots.  My alloy wheels were waiting for the paint to harden before having new tires mounted.  I used PPG Delstar, color DAR 32498, Marlin Silver Poly*. To that I added PPG Urethane Flattening Agent, DX 685, to make it a semi-gloss (per instructions on can).  I also removed the trim rings in the center of the wheels and had them re-chromed.  Click here to find out how I did this.

Wheels2.jpg (200540 bytes)

At this point we are now into early July and the tour to Whistler was scheduled to start on the 14th.  My wife was beginning to wonder why I hadn't started everything a couple of months earlier.  But this is just like a software project.  It will fill all available time plus more.  While I was working on mechanical issues or the paint, my wife was cleaning and feeding the leather, cleaning and polishing the various trim pieces and anything else I asked her to do.  This included using contact cement to glue some trunk carpet to the cardboard backing.  I don't think I'll ask her to use contact cement again as she wasn't very happy about having smelly sticky fingers.

I wet sanded down the trunk lid, fixed up the grooves where the reducer removed the primer and then re-primed it.  On Wednesday the 12th, I re-sprayed the trunk lid.  The paint fish-eyed.  This is where small indentations occur in the paint surface usually caused by having silicones present on the surface.  Well, I was out of time for screwing around with the trunk lid, so it was left to dry with the fish-eyes.

FishEyes.JPG (153045 bytes)

Trunk Lid with Fish-eyes in Paint

We were polishing and putting on trim on Thursday the 13th.  It was time for a test drive as it hadn't been driven for more than a couple of blocks in 10 years.  So down to the local gas station to fill the tank.  Then onto the freeway for a 50 mile run up the freeway to Snoqualmie Pass (3000' elevation).  Then off the freeway at an exit after about 7 miles to check on the overheating.  Hmmm, a little hot.  After cooling a while, a fresh gallon of anti-freeze was added and we headed back home.  As it was downhill with less load, we made it home OK and gave it a good wash.

MVC-879X.JPG (186619 bytes)

So much for taking it on the tour.  So the van got loaded and an extra Ferrari trunk emblem was stuck in the back window.

* I just ran across a Ferrari technical bulletin from 1971 where they specify how to paint the Cromodora Magnesium wheels:

Technical Information no. 182

Ref./Cromodora Magnesium Wheel Rims

When a respray of magnesium wheels is required, the products to be used are the following:

- Acrylic metallized paint - gray 2427078
  (smalto metallizzato acrilico grigio ghisa 2427078)
  [ed: literal translation is metallic cast iron gray acrylic enamel]

which can be ordered directly to:

- ITALVAR - Via Privata Bolla, 27 - Milano (Italy)

The paint should be applied with viscosity 37" (Ford type viscosity meter - orifice 3), and baked at 212F (100C) for 40 min. in the over or under stoving lamps.

Kindest regards,

I painted the wheels about 15 years ago and never cleaned the insides.  With a couple of concours' coming up. I thought it would be good to pull them off the car and give them a good cleaning.  I had some Zymol wheel cleaner (courtesy swag from Zymol back when I volunteered at the Pebble Beach concours) and it really worked.  Thank you Zymol.  The insides are back to the silver paint.


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